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Merino silk double twist

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Many people who knit socks are usually looking for durability in their sock yarn. This is often achieved by using a percentage of nylon for added strength. While many are happy with this, others prefer a more natural approach. White Gum Wool have been working on achieving a happy medium. This is what they have come up with.

Merino silk double twist is a 70% superfine Tasmanian merino and 30% silk blend. This is spun into a 2 ply construction (2 strands twisted together) and for added durability, 2 of these 2 ply strands are then twisted together. The construction, as well as the silk, make for a more durable yarn, with none of the nylon. This is very exciting for sock knitters like me!

We all know that merino socks are great for keeping your feet regulated, sweat free and incredibly comfortable. So I would like to share this excitement with you by making this the feature of the month. With any Merino silk double twist yarn you purchase in May, you will get a free sock pattern from Winwick Mum, a fabulous beginner's pattern with loads of support at every step. As I really value your feedback on a new product, I will email you a feedback sheet for those using their yarn for socks. To thank you for your feedback I will send you a discount code for a future purchase with Lowanna Yarns when you return the feedback sheet.

To find this yarn in the shop, it will be any of those with the tag May Feature.

I hope you enjoy using this gorgeous natural yarn.



Fibre for Spinning

If you haven't already given spinning a go... now is the time!

While I use a few different treadle spinning wheels and a couple of espinner wheels, my absolutely go to when I want to slow down is the Turkish spindle. While any spindle will work just as well, I prefer the Turkish spindle as it is easy for both spinning and plying and breaks down into components making it very portable. I will be uploading a blogpost this month, with a step by step guide for beginners. And while I will have a few beautiful spindles for sale, made by hand for me by a lovely guy who uses repurposed timbers, you can easily make your own out of a pencil and a CD (remember those?!). In fact I've had a woman approach me when she saw me spinning to tell me she used to use a potato and a stick! It all works!

So given that spinning is the feature of the month, I have dyed some beautiful superfine merino and added a couple of spindles to the shop. I love dyeing fibre, as some of the dyes 'break' into their component colours to give a very different effect. Check out the pink, purple and white comes from a grey dye!

So if you are after more guidance and information, head over to the blog, otherwise, click on 'Start Shopping'!

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