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One Skein Wonders!

Of all the questions I get asked, I think the most common one is "What can I do with one skein?". I think its a fair question. Handdyed yarn generally does not come cheap and making something from it is a time consuming labour of love. Buying online is a risk, and so many would rather try one skein to check out the quality before diving in to buy more. Understandable.

So I have compiled a taster of examples of what can be made using one skein of Lowanna 4 ply yarn. Through the month of August I will be adding 8 ply to the mix. These are patterns I have either used and loved or know others who have used and loved. The best reference is always personal experience, so please feel free to let me know any links you wish to see added from your own experience.

While I have only attached the links, feel free to fall down the Ravelry rabbithole, or do your own similar search on other pattern platforms. You may prefer to check out the pictures and choose that way, or filter so you get free patterns only. If you are new to Ravelry, and get lost, send me a message and I'll help you with your filters. Clearly I spend too much time there as it is!

Scarf or shawl in 4 ply –



Cowls or beanies in 4 ply -



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