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What's with the Mystery sale?

As you know, I have always tried to keep my prices competitive, which can be tricky when you are aiming to supply an ethical product. So as such, I have not entered into the social media marketing tools of running competitions, or having regular sales. I'd rather give you the option of a product I can be comfortable selling, from companies I am comfortable buying from. Yarn that speaks for itself really. Yarn that you will enjoy using, that you will enjoy wearing, or giving, or simply keeping in your stash until inspiration strikes!

So why the sale? Well, I am taking a break from Lowanna for now. For at least a year. I am going back to Uni, moving house and renovating. Given that I am quite dramatically downsizing, I thought why not?! Why not take all the yummy skeins sitting in tubs, some haven't even made it to the shop or a market, and give you the chance at one last spending spree! All of these skeins are below cost, they are not seconds and I am hoping they are skeins you will be delighted with.

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